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I have a Python based Slack bot running on the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo. Lots left to do especially on the OpenWRT side but yay!


Being able to connect to the system console of LinkIt Smart 7688 by using a serial (or UART) to USB cable is an absolute must. The Seeed Wiki puts the serial connection at the top of the getting started section but doesn't... Continue Reading →

Smart Wall Socket: Part 2

Trawling through a virtual mountain of data sheets: there are an (almost) bewildering number of current transformers (CTs) but selecting one that fits safely inside a wall socket is  probably going to be the most challenging part of this project.

The double EU wall socket with built-in USB chargers has arrived! Now the fun starts... provides a conversational platform for natural language processing. Writing apps with the services aren’t hard, however it requires some time reading the docs to figure out how to set them up, so I would like to share my experiences as this tutorial so hopefully you can write your bot in less time.

Clip-Top Jars!

Just came across this whilst browsing the Seeed Wiki... the idea of using a clip-top jar as an enclosure for solar-powered sensor nodes. Awesome! I'm thinking something a LoRa thing in the spring...

The Pulse Sidewinder® products are the ultimate evolution of the Rogowski Coil principle for AC current sensing applications.

Just purchased a double EU wall socket with built-in USB chargers for my latest IoT project - energy monitoring smart wall sockets. The sockets fit the standard Gira ST55 hardware and look easy enough to disassemble to access the USB power...

This is the 434MHz base RFM69HCW Wireless Transceiver that is found on our RFM69 Breakout. It’s perfect for building inexpensive short-range wireless networks of sensors and actuators for home automation, citizen science and more.

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